Dry Eye Syndrome

Southern Eye Group prides itself on being at the forefront of eye treatment. Our offices in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and throughout the Gulf Coast are home to some of the areas’ leading eye doctors and vision specialists. Given the impact that Dry Eye Syndrome has on the population, Southern Eye Group has innovated our practice further by creating our dedicated Dry Eye Clinic, a distinct offering from our care facility that specializes in Dry Eye Syndrome treatment and management.

Southern Eye Group

More than 16 million adults in the United States are affected by dry eye, often referred to as dry eye syndrome or dry eye disease.1

Tears are essential to the health of our eyes. When we blink, tear film lubricates the eyes and also washes away debris. Tear film is also essential in preventing eye infections and keeping vision clear. In people with dry eye syndrome, the eyes either don’t produce enough tears or produce tears of poor quality or lacking in sufficient oil.2

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Fill out our Dry Eye Clinic evaluation form today if you believe you need help treating and managing Dry Eye Syndrome. This form will go straight to our practice and will allow our eye specialists to determine how we can be of most help to you. You may also contact us directly by calling 251-990-3937 if you have any questions or request an appointment online. For your convenience, Southern Eye Group maintains offices in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and throughout the Gulf Coast.

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