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Whether it be for health purposes, accident-related trauma, or age-related issues, Southern Eye Group brings solutions that can heal or enhance defected/damaged vision. Our team of experts is compiled of specialized ophthalmologists and eye surgeons like Dr. Paul McDaniel or Dr. Donna Corder who have been trained in different areas of Oculoplastic. If you’re suffering from an eye condition that requires alterations or treatment of your eye socket, eyelids, tear ducts, or surrounding retinal areas, you may be in need of an ocular plastics treatment.

What Is Ocular Plastics?

The term Ocular Plastics includes and can also be known as oculoplastics and oculoplastic surgery; these eye procedures refer to reconstructive eye surgery that involves altering the eye socket, eyelids, tear ducts, or the orbit (other surrounding facial areas of the eye) where trauma or illness have occurred and spread to the point where it affects your eye and quality of vision. Examples of parts of your face and conditions that compromise your ability to see include, but are not limited to:

Eye Sockets

Eye socket surgery usually involves eye removal. But eye removal is more complicated than simply removing an eye; this procedure differs in what parts of the eye need to be removed and which ones within the cavity (or eye socket) will remain intact such as the muscles, fat, and connective tissues found within.


Eyelid surgery can range from cosmetic surgery to a necessary medical procedure. We have patients who are interested in repairing their droopy eyelid for a better facial appearance and to increase vision perception. We also have patients who come into our practice for the removal of eyelid tumors (skin carcinomas) which is necessary in order to keep that type of cancer from spreading to other parts of the face/skin.

Tear Ducts

Tear ducts, or your lacrimal apparatus, can sometimes become blocked, have an obstruction, or experience an overflow/drainage—all of which are conditions that require repair. A couple examples related to this affliction are Punctal Occlusion or Dry Eye Syndrome. Often caused by environmental factors, this condition can become so bad that the tear ducts must be surgically closed.

The Orbit

As previously mentioned, the orbit is the soft tissue and bone that surrounds the eye. Although trauma and disease may not have reached the eye, this doesn’t mean that it won’t over time. Illnesses such as cancerous tumors or infections must be treated soon and properly in order to avoid spreading which can cause blindness or total loss of the eye!

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