Dry Eye Treatment

Tears matter. They act as a lubricant, cleanser, and antibacterial defense for your eyes. Secreted by glands located around the eyes, tears are made up of water (providing moisture), oil (providing lubrication), mucus (providing evening spreading), and special proteins and antibodies (providing resistance against infection). Combined together, the components of a tear keep away and wash out dust, debris, and foreign objects. Additionally, tears neutralize any microorganisms that attempt to take residence on the eye’s surface.

Due to their many purposes, tears play an essential role in the health of your eyes. So when tear production goes astray, it can create many problems. If you are experiencing a tear deficiency or an overflow of tears that causes dry eyes then you likely suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome—a condition that results in various kinds of eye discomfort and puts your eyes at risk for injury and infection.

Dry Eye Syndrome