Eye Infections

You may have symptoms in one or both eyes when you have an infection. Look out for this kind of trouble:

How your eye feels:

  • Pain or discomfort
  • Itchy eyes
  • Feeling that something’s on or in your eye
  • Eye hurts when it’s bright (light sensitivity)
  • Burning in your eyes
  • Small, painful lump under your eyelid or at the base of your eyelashes
  • Eyelid is tender when you touch it
  • Eyes won’t stop tearing up
  • Irritation in your eyes

How your eye looks. You could have changes like:

  • Discharge out of one or both eyes that’s yellow, green, or clear
  • Pink color in the “whites” of your eyes
  • Swollen, red, or purple eyelids
  • Crusty lashes and lids, especially in the morning

How well you see:

  • You may find you have blurry vision.
  • Some other problems you may get are fever, trouble wearing contacts, and swollen lymph nodes near your ear.