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Aug 09 Southern Eye Group

Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery

Officially defined as surgery that permanently changes the shape of your inner cornea in order to improve the vision of one’s eye, LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. In...

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Woman with false eyelashes

Aug 09 News

Dangers of Fake Eyelashes

Wearing Fake Eyelashes Can Cause Serious Eye Problems You may be a sight for sore eyes with those beautiful, long fluttering lashes, but did you know that fake eyelashes can...

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Patient during eye procedure

Jun 16 News

Difference Between Ophthalmologist & Optometrist?

Your eyes make it possible to see all the beauty the world offers. Quality eye care can help you maintain your vision so you can continue to enjoy the view....

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Closeup of eye

May 04 News

How to Recognize & Treat Dry Eye

Henry David Thoreau said, “The eye is the jewel of the body.” But if your eyes are feeling scratchy, itchy, or sensitive to light, those jewels may not feel very...

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Dr. Peter Zloty headshot

Apr 10 News

Eye Doctor Honored with Prestigious APAO Award

At Southern Eye Group of Alabama we have many talented eye doctors providing high quality eye treatment and care across our three offices. All our eye doctors have many years...

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Feb 08 News

Everyday Habits That Are Hurting Your Eyes

The team at Southern Eye Group of Alabama is dedicated to helping you maintain healthy, clear vision. Unfortunately, despite having a great eye doctor, there are elements of our daily...

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Child with glasses at eye exam

Nov 02 News

Recognizing & Treating Vision Problems in Children

It’s important to understand that even from an early age, comprehensive eye care is a vital component to the overall health of your children. The exceptional team at the Southern...

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Young kids in a computer classroom

Aug 27 News

Back-To-School Eye Exams

At Southern Eye Group of Alabama, our highly trained eye doctors know the importance of regular eye examinations, especially for young children! With school back in full swing, now is...

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